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I became a zoopsychologist because I want to help people in communicating with their pets. Most problems between the owner and the animal lies in the fact that neither side understands what the other is communicating. As zoopsychologist stands between the human and the animal and tries to help in establishing good communication between them.

How does it work? In short, I interpret the way in which animals communicate and help the owner understand what the animal wants to say with its behaviour. In addition, I teach the owner how to interpret the behaviour of his or her pet and give him or her the opportunity to convey information to the animal in a manner it understands. It must be remembered that when a cat has problems, the owner, before going to a zoopsychologist, should examine it at the veterinarian because many problems can be caused by physical illness, not psychological. The animal has to be diagnosed.

For 25 years I have been taking care at home of different animals. Growing up in Holland I was a volunteer at the local shelter. There I finished a course for animal caretakers. I finished the course in zoopsychology at the European College of Animal Psychology. Many years spent with animals has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and experience.

Every Saturday I am on duty at Koteria and I will be happy to meet there with the owners of cats who: are afraid of everything, are aggressive, do not sleep at night, who defecate outside the litter box, etc. The hours of my Saturday shifts are 13.00 - 15.00 after phone appointment - 663 738 36.

Alexandra Bulder
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