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Zofia Nowak


The Centre "Koteria" has been established thanks to a one-time donation of Zofia Nowak. Without her, there would be no money for renting, repairing and furnishing the location, as well as for starting-up the business. So, without this donation, there would not be any opportunity for gaining grants and donations, necessary for maintaining the Centre.

We met Zofia Nowak a few years ago when, after loosing her husband, she has been left with her animals only. She took care of many homeless cats, cured them and sought for new homes for them. For years she was the one who brought help to others. Unfortunately, things have changed in the spring 2008 when her health condition worsened and she needed the help herself. Before she died, she provided the Foundation with her life savings together with her residence in Falenica, where she has been living.

In the beginning we contacted Ms Zofia only with the matters related to cat issues. Shortly afterwards, we understood that in this tiny old lady a fascinated person with great personality and incredible knowledge was hidden. Zofia Nowak (maiden name: Schulc) was born on 14 April 1924 in Warsaw. After the war, she studied chemistry at the Wrocław University of Technology. After graduation she started her scientific career. She worked in the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw and Institute of Nuclear Research in Świerk, where she obtained the PhD title. Her specialization was petroleum oil and processing of spent nuclear fuel. She was the author of dozens of the scientific papers and several patents.

In 1951 she got married to Maciej Nowak, a scientist, with whom she worked. They did not have any children and as wealthy researchers they could pursue their passions: travelling the world and climbing. Their house in Warsaw-Falenica was full of scientific and travel books, their own amateur paintings and eventually: dogs and cats.

We realized that it was her greedy openness to the world and the environment that made us appreciate her so much. Greediness in "being" instead of "having". Despite of her age and poor health condition she was constantly involved in helping others and nursing homeless cats. She was more worried about her animals than her own health.

We asked her to call us whenever she needed a hand, even in case of the small matters. And she did it, she contacted us whenever her friends or cats were concerned, but she was too embarrassed to ask for the help for herself.

In July 2008, she slipped and fell because of some spilled water from the dog bowl. A broken thigh bone turned into a serious problem. Doctors feared that the operation could threaten her life because of the bad heart condition. Unhappy due to her long stay in a hospital, she pressured doctors to perform her surgery quickly. Supposedly, she managed to finally convince them by arguing that she was alone, and even in case of the negative scenario there will not be anybody to threaten any claims ... The operation was successful. She was sent home and rehabilitation was going well. Unfortunately, her heart problems intensified. The implantation of an artificial pacemaker did not help. Ms Zofia died on 18 Oct. 2008 in the Institute of Cardiology in Anin. She is buried on Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw. She lies in the burial plot 296, row 5, grave 20. The grave is in the second row with its back on the avenue site.


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