Warszawa ( mapka )
ul. Chrzanowskiego 13
tel.: 535 870 225

Our Supporters

The KOTERIA centre is maintained to far extent from grants and donations provided not only by individuals, but mostly by companies that understand the importance of our work. Thanks to their support we can still exist and help animals.

Thank you so much for all your support:

The Environmental Protection Agency provides us with the annual contribution for spaying/neutering treatments of free-living cats.
Super Express responded to our call for paper, and for three years we have not gotten any trouble with keeping the cages clean.
A firm BASTEX Ltd based in Warsaw, the sole representative of the German company BASF SE of textile chemicals. It prints for us t-shirts. From their sale we can finance our activities.
Martiszu Ludvikez is the designer of the graphics on our t-shirts, mugs, bags, "Hippy cat", "Cyclist cat", "Kitty-diver" and others.
Promoefekt is a company which produces and imports advertising clothing, such as T-shirts, polo shirts and fleece shirts. Every winter it provides Koteria with fleece in order to make the winter feral cat houses we distribute warm and comfy.

From the very beginning, the main assumption of SIERŚCIUCH (furball) founders was conducting activities embracing a commitment to animal matters and a cooperation with pro-animal organizations.
Thus, those who decide to adopt a cat from KOTERIA will be provided with a permanent discount of 10% on all purchases in SIERŚCIUCH.
Sarantis Polska Inc manages brands of the household sector - Jan Niezbędny and Grosik. It provides us with garbage bags and housekeeping products.
ARGOS Foundation for Animals, 04-886 Warszawa, Garncarska 37A st., KRS: 0000286138
+48 22 615 52 82 | e-mail: fundacja@argos.org.pl | http://www.argos.org.pl
bank account: SWIFT: PKOPPLPW PL 47 1240 6133 1111 0000 4808 5915
The KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats in Warsaw, Chrzanowskiego 13 st., Warszawa, +48 535 870 225
Manager of KOTERIA Anna Wypych: tel. 603 651 044 | Chief vet Iwona Kłucińska-Petschl tel. + 48 502 642 932