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Looking for permanent homes


We start the search for a home by describing our temporary cats. The ad should specify the age of the cat, the state of its health (vaccination, castration) and describe the character. The contents of the announcement must correspond to reality, since any misstatements (like making the cat younger or a false description of its nature) will backfire and the adoption can be a failure.

Pictures are very important elements of the ads. Most cats find homes because their pictures captivated the new owners. Photos should be in colour, sharp and taken in daylight. Keep in mind that cat eyes look really bad when they reflected the flash lamp.

Ads should be prepared in paper and electronic form.

Printed announcements should be hang in veterinary clinics (most have advertisement boards) and pet stores.

We should place electronic ads on thematic websites, for example:

You can also search for a home for the cat through advertising on auction portals (eg. Alegratka, Allegro), but keep in mind that then we need to add certain provisions to the ad, such as the right to contact before the auction, the right to not give the cat, the possibility to end the auction early.

Verification of potential owners

When a person who wants to adopt a cat from us, contacts us, we need to find out what conditions does he or she offer to the cat. This can be initially established during a telephone conversation or e-mail correspondence. Do not hesitate to ask questions and expect concrete answers. If it is clear from the conversation that the potential Permanent Home does not have much experience or awareness of certain aspects of taking care of a cat, we need to figure out whether they have the desire and willingness to change their approach and ideas. The potential carer does not have to know everything right away, but must be willing to learn as much as possible and provide the cat the best possible living conditions.

The next step is the pre-adoption visit. We invite the potential carer to see the cat and become familiar with it. For us, it is another opportunity to talk in more detail. You should not give the cat during this visit. The decision to adopt has to be thought out and taken in peace.

Remember that the new home must meet our requirements. If we have any doubts, we have the right to refuse to give the cat.

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