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Who are we?

The co-founders of KOTERIA are:
  • Urszula Pluta - President of the Foundation for Animals ARGOS. Stubborn and patient organizer. She has two dogs at home, and - what is hard to believe - no cat!
  • Anna Wypych - Initiator and manager of KOTERIA. In the years 2005-2007 she supported caregivers of stray animals in the Fundacja Azyl pod Psim Aniołem (the Asylum under Doggies Angel). She cooperated with "Canis", Anna Wydra and "Koci Świat" (the Kitty World). In her house with a garden live on average about 15 cats and 2 dogs.

  • Iwona Kłucińska-Petschl - Manager of the veterinary office "Koteria". She received a degree of veterinary surgeon in 2000 and since 2003 she has cooperated with organizations dealing with stray cats, especially in Warsaw. Mother of Amelka and Marcel. At home she has two dogs and two cats.
  • Judith Michalczuk - Since March 2013, she is working at Koterie as the second vet. She heard about Koteria for the first time , while still in college, from a friend. As she says: "I came, I saw and I stayed." She started at koteria as a volunteer, now she has joined our team as a fulltime doctor. After working hours she is a fond groomer and likes listening to music and reading books. Despite working in a typical cat foundation - her passion in life are dogs and everything about them. Privately she owns a Doberman named Athos.

For marketing and fundraising responsible are:
  • Alexandra Bulder - "I came to Koteria via my student, whose wife was working here as the volunteer. They told me that the Centre was looking for someone who would attend exhibitions and sell products for benefit of Koteria. The purpose of Koteria and its people were the factors that motivated me to do more. At the moment, I manage the international relations of Koteria, for example: the cooperation with the foundation that sends Dutch and Belgian students to follow internship in our centre. In addition, as the zoo-psycholog I am on duty in the Centre every Saturday. Outside Koteria, I work as a linguist and train my dogs - dog agility. My life-passion is the communication: dogs-cats, dogs-dogs, cats-cats, people-cats, people-dogs. In my everyday life I am accompanied by three cats and three dogs". Mail: alexandra_bulder@koteria.org.pl
  • Anna Kaflik - Student of psychology and jewellery designer. Interested in recycling and fashion. Generator of ideas driven by waffle tubes with cream. Happy nanny of happy kitty couple Ramzes and Kluska. "I believe that in order to fulfil ourselves, we must do things we believe are in the line with our philosophy of life". In this way she ended up in Koteria ... The hypersensitive and extremely empathetic type. Regularly used by the city pigeons wishfully asking her for a few crumbs of the eaten yeast-cake. In Koteria, she is responsible for marketing. She also gets in touch with people of good-, kitty will in order to raise awareness about the activities of the Centre. Phone number: 884 669 138 Mail: anna.kaflik@koteria.org.pl
  • Milena Holub - "I have been a cat lover since my birth. I am passionate about all the technical innovations and the media in any form. I live with 3 cats (recently we adopted Blue from Koteria) and provide at least one cat with the temporary home. In addition, I am interested in photography, in both ways, such as running with the camera and admiring the work of others. I try to do what I love and enjoy, and when I am at the same time accompanied by my cats ... I feel happy". Mail: milena.holub@koteria.org.pl

Extremely important people. In the majority, they are economically active individuals, gaining successes in their private and professional lives. They devote selflessly their own free time for running Koteria activities. They are:
  • Krzysztof Chojnacki - "I am the cat lover since my birth. It is embarrassing to admit but, only very recently I became "conscious" of ... why two cats at home? The cat is a loner, isn't it? I joined Koteria through an advertisement in the veterinary office. Initially, it was supposed to be an internship (Environmental Protection), but somehow it turned out quite differently... I followed my student traineeships elsewhere, but I am still somewhere around Koteria... because I just like cats, but not as cute purring kittens but rather as little murderous tigers. I do what I can and what I like. And I can and enjoy to ride a car, so I do that - I drive cats caught by Ewa, I drive cats meant for the adoption, sometimes I give the ride to vet. Iza visiting temporary homes. Besides, sometimes I drill a hole in the wall or repair something. Besides Koteria activities, I like to dive, take nice pictures, or just walk through a forest (the best are the forests growing on beautiful mountains). I enjoy music, mostly guitar music and rather hard. And among movies my favourite ones are books".
  • Halina Czołoszyńska - Economist graduated from SGPiS (the Warsaw School of Economics), for three years in retirement. "My cat Miśka came into my life eight years ago, and so it began... At the moment we live with: Miśka, Antoś, Lucek, Duszka, Funia i Burasia (in a couch) and temporarily: Fela, Melek and Puszek; and of course there is still a hedgehog, but it will soon be leaving to a forest". She coordinates Koteria's activities on allegro.
  • Kinga Izdebska - she writes the KOTERIA blog and scripts for comic "Tomek Niewiadomski". She also draws funny pictures and creates a next database of Koteria. Besides, she became the temporary home for Szara, which must now make friends with new cats companions.
  • Kamil Kotwica - Koteria welcomed me with a smile of Magda, Ewa and a happy band of people of Mokotów (the district of Warsaw). Thanks to Kinga, who was joining a secret club called the DT, I occasionally got to an open club known as Koteria. Koteria, as almost everybody can not exist without computers and the internet. Sometimes, I add from myself a "byte" of my skills in exchange for some purring buddy on my lap. And people... we all work here for the same purpose, so even if we have hot debates without gaining a compromise, still everyone do his/her best in own way. In the end, somehow we have to deal with this issue, especially when the municipality decides to can the subsidy by 50%.
  • Ewa Lenc - I have been bounded with Koteria since the first day of its existence. My most important task is to help caregivers of free-living cats to catch the animals and deliver them for the spaying/neutering treatment. I also try to assist in finding homes for the domesticated cats brought to Koteria and I provide the temporary home for them. Besides Koteria, I have also work. I have two beloved cats Tośka i Maurycy.
  • Małgorzata Ruszkowska - She helps Koteria, together with her husband, with all their strength because they believe in an important, unfortunately unpopular idea of spaying/neutering of animals. At home they have two cats Dyzio and Ircia. Many animals meant for the adoption went through their house. "Reading is my profession - I am dealing with editing and correction. My passion is dance and, writing about my lovely Praga (the district of Warsaw) the place I live in and about a language that bends not in the right direction". - blogs: http://zpraszki.blogspot.com and http://nad-wyraz.blogspot.com/
  • Polinda Sembiring - Half-Indonesian, trained as an architect, with a passion for acting between marketing and PR. In fact, a person of everything, and this is how her role in Koteria can be described. She always comes up with good ideas for new PR and advertising operations. She has joined us thanks to a cat forum where she has been logged in as the owner of two cats. Now, she has already four of them :) Sometimes she provides the temporary home.
  • Matylda Włodek - "By profession, I am a philologist and linguist. I work in a cultural institution. However, I have passion for cats. I love to listen to their purr, look at them when they are hunting and playing. When a friend from my work told me about Koteria and its search for a volunteer willing to promote the Centre during pedigree cat shows and selling gadgets for its benefit, with no hesitation I decided to join the Centre. I still do it. I attend various events where I sell merchandise, collect money and inform the public about the activities of the foundation. Soon, I will host two Dutch veterinary students who will follow a two-week long internship. This is my small contribution towards an improvement of the world. I encourage all people to do their best in order to limit the number of stray, impoverished cats in the future... to ensure that more cats will be happy and loved by their owners."
  • Wu (Wiktor Sidoruk) - I have always been crazy about cats, but recently this has become even stronger. I joined Koteria right after Jana. I am helping Ewa in catching cats (the operator of the landing net) - but mainly as a rapporteur. :) I co-administrate the Facebook profile of Koteria and help to administrate a website of doctor Iza: "AAAdopcyjne from Koteria", which is dedicated to adoptions. Sometimes, I create kitty drawing stories koTmiksy. I design deKOTcentratory - using photos and comments sent by Koteria supporters and volunteers. I am an architect by profession.
  • Jana Zamięcka - Since 2005, she has run the temporary house for cats meant for the adoption, she cooperates with carers and catches cats for the spaying/neutering - and medical- treatments. Whenever asked about the number of cats at home, she answers: "7 plus". She writes articles to: "Magazyn KOT" (CAT Magazine). She also writes her own blog : sztukamruczenia.blog.pl. Mail: sztukamruczenia@gmail.com

Graphical projects are created by:
  • Elżbieta Chojna - the author of the graphic projects of the first website of Koteria, gadgets, posters and flyers. Her cat drawings are a recognizable landmark of Koteria. She studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, at studios of: prof. Mieczyslaw Wasilewski (poster), prof. Maciej Buszewicz (typography) and prof. Lech Majewski (graphic publishing). In 1995, she graduated with honours in a workplace of prof. Lech Majewski. Since 1996, she has regularly participated in exhibitions (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia) and poster biennial (Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Iran).
  • Marta Ludwiszewska - illustrator, graphic designer and co-founder of Pajka Studio. She has efficient hands, a million ideas a minute, three cats and she thinks about the fourth one. Honest, enthusiastic about life, trying to pour a little bit of magic to the everyday life. For KOTERIA she designs graphics that can be seen on mugs, t-shirts, cups and other gadgets. You can see her work on Facebook: Martiszu Ludvike and Ilustracje & inne historie, and on blog: martiszuludvikez.blogspot.com
  • Tomasz Niewiadomski - He graduated from the European Academy of Arts. Since 1991, he has published illustrations and cartoons in the magazines: "Nowa Fantastyka" and "Czas Fantastyki". Together with his three cats he reads and creates, research comics and travels through cosmic spaces. See cartoons he has drawn for Koteria.

With Koteria cooperate a number of young, smart people who work on interesting projects in order to get funding for the activities of our centre. There are:

  • Marta Ruszkowska - Born as Podlasianka (the inhabitant of the Podlaskie Voivodeship), a visual artist by profession. From the beginning, constantly relocating because of the art - from Zamosc, where she graduated from a secondary school of art, through Czestochowa, where she defended her bachelor's degree in easel painting at the Academy of Jan Długosz. Recently, she has started her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Marta draws for us colourful cat projects, which - we hope - will appear soon on Koteria bags and other gadgets. She has a cat spirit and constantly thinks about embracing meowing buddy.
  • Agata Kuflińska - A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the department of Interior Design. She is interested in photography, oil painting and graphic design. Privately, the owner of an unruly dog, Salem. She presents her work on: http://www.kuflinska.pl/
  • Katarzyna Lorens-Padzik - A photographer by profession, a photographer of animals by passion. The combination of passion, such as working with animals, with her profession of photographer gives her great satisfaction. She cooperated with a magazine "Kot" (Cat). Now, her pictures of cats can be viewed at ours. The author of the book "Kot domowy- czyli dachowiec" (Domestic cat - thus roofer) and a guide "Jak pies z kotem" (Like dog and a cat). Privately, the owner of one (at the moment) dog and cat but this number changes :). Her work can be seen on www.studiolorens.pl.
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The KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats in Warsaw, Chrzanowskiego 13 st., Warszawa, +48 535 870 225
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