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If you want to become a temporary home for cats

If you want to become a permanent or a temporary home for a cat, you should:

1. Take the new cat to the vet. It is best to right away give the cat defleaing and deworming medications, not to risk the health of the resident cats.

2. Show the cat the litter box (it is best to scratch the litter a bit with its paw to let it know that this is its toilet) and the bowl. Prepare one for food, an another one for water (Remember! Most cats respond with diarrhea to cow's milk!)

3. You should vaccinate your cat on the day specified by the veterinarian (if it is recommended, the vaccination should be repeated).

4. If you have other cats, it is advisable to find a place (a closed space, such as bathroom), in which the pet can be isolated for a few days, so that resident cats can get to know the newcomer.

5. If a pet is tamed and trained in keeping cleanliness, you can start looking for a new home. This is a long list of sites, where you can place an ad:


3 http://szerlok.pl/
4 http://www.kupsprzedaj.pl/
5 http://www.fistak.pl/
6 http://www.pchlitarg.com/
7 http://www.drobny.com.pl/
8 http://www.adpillar.pl/
9 http://www.cwirek.pl/
10 http://www.gieldaogloszen.pl/
11 http://www.eoferty.com.pl/
13 http://www.ojej.pl/
14 http://www.tablica.com/
15 http://www.sprzedasz.pl/
16 http://www.4all.pl/
17 http://www.ogloszenia.aleokazja.pl/
18 http://iokazje.com/
19 http://www.kokosy.pl/
20 http://www.afisze.pl/
21 http://www.anonseogloszenia.pl/
22 http://www.darmobranie.pl/
23 http://www.drobne.pl/
24 http://www.integra24.pl/ogloszenia
25 http://www.najpewniej.pl/
26 http://www.neeon.pl/
27 http://www.oglosze.pl/
28 http://ogloszenia.infoweb.pl/
29 http://ogloszenia.wp.pl/
30 http://www.polskastrefa.eu/
31 http://sellit.pl/
32 http://www.tusprzedaj.pl/
33 http://www.adin.pl/
34 http://www.ogloszenia-24.org/
35 http://www.tlenek.pl/
36 http://www.oddamzadarmo.eu/?oddamzadarmo/
37 http://e-gratka.info/
38 http://www.szybko-sprzedam.pl/
39 http://www.twoje-ogloszenia.pl/index.php
40 http://www.mammisia.pl/
41 http://www.pajeczyna.pl/
42 http://www.gielda.bai.pl/
43 http://www.pineska.pl/
44 http://www.rozglos.net/index.php


46 http://www.krakusik.pl/
47 http://www.info-krakow.pl/
48 http://www.terazkrakow.pl/
49 http://www.krakowinfo.pl/
50 http://www.ogloszeniakrakow.com/
51 http://4krakow.pl/

52 http://www.warsza.pl/
53 http://4warszawa.pl/
54 http://www.ogloszenia-mazowsze.pl/
55 http://www.warszawa.dajogloszenie.pl/

56 http://www.wroclawiak.pl/
57 http://ogloszenia.wroc.pl/
58 http://www.ogloszeniawroclaw.pl/
59 http://www.nasz-wroclaw.pl/
60 http://www.wrocek.pl/ogloszenia
61 http://www.wroclaw.rubryka.pl/
62 http://ogloszeniadolnoslaskie.pl/
63 http://4wrocek.pl/
64 http://wroclaw.freecf.pl/
65 http://www.wroclaw.dajogloszenie.pl/

66 http://www.podkarpacki.eu/

Grodzisk Mazowiecki
67 http://grodziskmazowiecki.pl/
68 http://www.egrodzisk.pl/
69 http://grodziskmazowiecki.olx.pl/

70 http://www.stetinum.pl/
71 http://www.ogloszenia.szczecin.pl
72 http://www.szczecin.us/
73 http://miasto-szczecin.pl/
74 http://www.naszszczecin.pl/
75 http://ogloszenia.eszczecin.pl/
76 http://www.szczecinianin.pl/
77 http://szczecin.top-ogloszenia.net/
78 http://www.zachodniopomorzanin.pl/
79 http://4szczecin.pl/

Animal websites
80 http://www.adopcje.org/
81 http://www.kupiepsa.pl/
82 http://www.mojpupil.pl/
83 http://www.zwierzeta.low.pl/
84 http://www.przygarnij.pl/
85 http://www.nasipupile.pl/
86 http://www.przygarnijzwierzaka.pl/
87 http://www.petworld.pl/
88 http://www.pupile.com/
89 http://www.e-zwierzak.pl/
90 http://koty.low.pl/
91 http://www.koty-europejskie.info/
92 http://www.adopcje-psow.info/
93 http://www.doadopcji.pl/
94 http://www.kon-polski.info/
95 http://www.koty.org.pl/ogloszenia/
96 http://www.kupsprzedaj.pl/
97 http://owi.pl/zwierzeta/koty
98 http://petsy.pl/
99 http://www.domowe-tygrysy.info/koty_ogloszenia.html
100 http://e-rzaki.pl/adopcje
101 http://www.hodowcy.com.pl/
102 http://www.ogloszenia.tasdj.pl/
103 http://www.psy.elk.pl/ogloszenia/
104 http://zwierzeta.hiperogloszenia.pl/
105 http://oglaszanie.eu/
106 http://www.ogloszenia.tresura.pl/
107 http://www.adopcjakota.pl/

(Remember! If you are placing an ad on Allegro, add additional information in a formula that prevents auctioning before you had contact with the buyer, for example: Please Note! Remember, an animal is not a thing. Make a responsible decision. I reserve the right to personally contact the bidders, before they place a bid in the auction.) You can also put up the ad in veterinary clinics and pet stores.

6. Remember that, especially an adult animal (although this is not a rule) needs more time to get familiar with a new situation. Similarly, resident cats need time to get familiar with a stranger. Do not give up after a few days. Snorting is normal cat behaviour stemming from fear. Even the biggest loner after some time may turn out to be a cuddler.

7. The temporary guardian should inform the future owner of the cat's state - its health, character and habits. Do not hide the fact that, for example, the cat does not like children or has had no contact with dogs, etc. Remember! Provide also information on the necessity to protect windows (look here to see how to do it: http://kocia_stronka.republika.pl/siatki.html or here http://miau.pl/zabezpieczenia/), not tilting the windows (a cat may hang itself in them, it threatens with suffocation and crushing internal organs), the dangers associated with eating "angel hair" or foil by the cat (there is a risk of blocking the bowels which leads to complex operations, often fatal for the animal); poisonous plants (Spathiphyllum!).

8. It is important to sign an adoption contract with the future owner. The most important point is his or her commitment that the cat - if unforeseen circumstances occur forcing them to give the cat away -won't be thrown away on to the street or to a shelter, but will return back to us. A temporary home must be prepared for this.

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