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KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats is driven by ARGOS Foundation for Animals.

Our mission

It is a pleasure to watch a cat who eats gourmet food, sleeps on the sofa and grooms his shiny coat. Only a few people realize that the world is full of feral and stray cats, born on the streets of big cities. They are full of distrust and they do not look like domestic cats. In the Wild, they live in colonies that reach even 60 individuals, choosing dark and closed places to hide. When left on their own, they reproduce very fast. In a six years time, one couple can cause 2 millions cats to be born. If nobody cares for the kittens, number of stray cats will rise constantly. At the same time, many kittens will die because of infectious diseases and malnutrition. If we want to limit the number of cats we have to diminish the cat population growth in cities. Currently, spaying is the only effective and humane way to do this is. What can we achieve by neutering urban cats? See more >>>

Urban cats

It is estimated that Warsaw is inhabited by tens of thousands of free-living cats. The majority of them behave like wild animals - they avoid contacts with humans, are mistrustful, and when attempting to get closer to them, they react either with escaping or aggression. Their behaviour usually is caused by the lack of domestication and by living in the wild for many generations. Historically, they have become domesticated animals; they do remain in the surrounding of man and need human help, but the lack of tameness means that they do not want to live indoor. Probably, it would be correct to describe them as wild domestic cats, that can not be moved to homely environments any more. See more >>>


For such cats we search homes. It is not easy though. They stay in a clinic for a few days after the surgery and within such a short period it is extremely difficult to find new owners for them. For this reason we do not only search for permanent homes, but also for the temporary ones. We present those cats on our Facebook profile and other websites with advertisements. The second group of cats we search homes for are kittens. When they are younger than 3 months, there is a big chance for their full domestication. There are also more people willing to adopt a little kitten instead of an adult cat. See more >>>

Paid services

Our centre has been set up in order to spay and neuter free-living cats, prevent their straying and suffering. Initially, we enjoyed full support of the municipality, which provided KOTERIA with annual grants. In this way the local government fulfilled its obligation, which is to control the population of free-living cats and prevent the uncontrolled increase of their number. Unfortunately, this year the City Council, without giving us any warning, decided to reduce the subsidies for our organization by half. For this reason KOTERIA experiences now financial difficulties. The monthly maintenance of the clinic amounts to approximately 30,000 PLN. This includes: rent, utilities, materials necessary for the treatments, as well as food and medicines. See more >>>


Our Supporters
ARGOS Foundation for Animals, 04-886 Warszawa, Garncarska 37A st., KRS: 0000286138
+48 22 615 52 82 | e-mail: fundacja@argos.org.pl | http://www.argos.org.pl
bank account: SWIFT: PKOPPLPW PL 47 1240 6133 1111 0000 4808 5915
The KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats in Warsaw, Chrzanowskiego 13 st., Warszawa, +48 535 870 225
Manager of KOTERIA Anna Wypych: tel. 603 651 044 | Chief vet Iwona Kłucińska-Petschl tel. + 48 502 642 932