Warszawa ( mapka )
ul. Chrzanowskiego 13
tel.: 535 870 225

Educational activities of KOTERIA

  1. We provide the students of veterinary medicine of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the veterinary technical colleges with an opportunity to follow internships with us.

  2. We conducted trainings for volunteers and carers of free-living cats

  3. Meeting with Belarusians from 3 organizations - the Association Dobroc (Brest), the Association Egida (Minsk, the largest and most dynamic organization which operates in Belarus), and an informal group called the Volunteer Movement, which helps stray animals in Gomel - set up with the Fundacja Czarna Owca Pana Kota (Foundation of the Black Sheep of Mr Cat) from Krakow.

  4. We run activities in kindergartens and schools in order to raise awareness among children and youth about the plight of free-living cats, to encourage them to take care of stray animals.

  5. We visited a custody suite to meet prisoners. We talked about the need for taking care of the stray cats. The prisoners pointed out that in the area of custody suit live a cluster of the free-living cats. After making an agreement with the responsible authorities, we caught and spayed/neutered 19 cats.

  6. We cooperate with the Dutch Foundation Stichting Dierennood, which sent us a number of students to follow the internship. Te students are from the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) and the University of Gent (Belgium).

  7. We still learn. On 17-18 November, the seminar: "Behavioural disorders of cats - prevention and treatment", organized by the Educational Academia took place. The seminar has been led by Vicky Halls and it has been addressed to veterinarians, behaviourists, breeders of cats, employees and volunteers of foundations and shelters for animals, and for people willing to deepen their knowledge about the cat behaviour.
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The KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats in Warsaw, Chrzanowskiego 13 st., Warszawa, +48 535 870 225
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