Warszawa ( mapka )
ul. Chrzanowskiego 13
tel.: 535 870 225

Why are we unique?

For three years KOTERIA was the only clinic in Warsaw that neutered homeless cats free of charge. It was founded thanks to the donation of Mrs Zofia Nowak who left a considerable amount of money in her last will. However, since August 2012 we had to opt for the introduction of paid services in order to avoid the closure of the Centre - we have been forced to do so due to the worsened financial situation as the subsidy for the spaying/neutering treatments from the municipality has been reduced by half. Read more >>>
  • KOTERIA is not a shelter for homeless animals. However, as the only clinic provides free help to caretakers in keeping the urban cat population controlled and healthy. For that purpose, it cooperates with estate managers, veterinary clinics and municipal authorities.
  • KOTERIA functions solely thanks to voluntary donations and grants.
  • KOTERIA carries out financial statements as the only organization of this type. They are always available on our website. We make detailed records of all admitted cats.
  • KOTERIA never refuses to treat sick, urban cats that are admitted for spaying/neutering.
  • KOTERIA lends trapping equipment (free of charge; in exchange for a refundable deposit) for catching cats, provides services of its volunteers and tries to provide transport for animals to our clinic.
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bank account: SWIFT: PKOPPLPW PL 47 1240 6133 1111 0000 4808 5915
The KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats in Warsaw, Chrzanowskiego 13 st., Warszawa, +48 535 870 225
Manager of KOTERIA Anna Wypych: tel. 603 651 044 | Chief vet Iwona Kłucińska-Petschl tel. + 48 502 642 932