Warszawa ( mapka )
ul. Chrzanowskiego 13
tel.: 535 870 225

What we do?

Every caretaker of urban cats who wants to spay the cats he cares for, should do the following:
  • Call for an appointment at 535 870 225, Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 9am - 1pm.
  • Personally deliver the cat to our Clinic at ul. Chrzanowskiego 13.
  • Declare that he is a catetaker of the cat.
  • Provide personal details and details about the place where the cat lives.
  • Collect the cat at arranged time, usually after 7 days (female cats) or 2 days (male cats) and release the cat in the place where it was taken from.
In urgent situations, please contact Anna Wypych at (0048) 603 651 044
For medical information please contact Iwona Kłucińska-Petschl: (0048) 502 642 932

Our mission

It is a pleasure to watch a cat who eats gourmet food, sleeps on the sofa and grooms his shiny coat. Only a few people realize that the world is full of feral and stray cats, born on the streets of big cities. They are full of distrust and they do not look like domestic cats. In the Wild, they live in colonies that reach even 60 individuals, choosing dark and closed places to hide. When left on their own, they reproduce very fast. In a six years time, one couple can cause 2 millions cats to be born. If nobody cares for the kittens, number of stray cats will rise constantly. At the same time, many kittens will die because of infectious diseases and malnutrition. If we want to limit the number of cats we have to diminish the cat population growth in cities. Currently, spaying is the only effective and humane way to do this is. What can we achieve by neutering urban cats?

  • Significantly decrease the cat population growth
  • Improve cat's condition and health
  • Decrease the odour of cats urine

TNR method (Trap - Neuter - Return ) is a way to catch the urban cat and deliver it to a clinic for spaying. At the same time, cat is examined, vaccinated and treated if needed. After recovery, it is released to the place where it normally lives. Every urban cat is spayed for free in KOTERIA. We are not a shelter for homeless cats. We want to help people who take care of urban cats. We would like them not only to feed the cats but to prevent their excessive reproduction in a conscious and humane way.

Our service

  • Helping with trapping homeless cats
  • Spaying the urban cats for free
  • Identifying spayed cats
  • Finding homes for tame cats and kittens
  • Veterinary prophylaxis for urban cats
  • Helping people with taking care of untamed cats who are unable to live on their own

Why we have to spay?

  • Trapping and relocating cats is not effective. New cats will arrive soon. Relocating leads to night fights and further reproduction.
  • Bringing to shelters or attempting to domesticate the urban cats is most often unsuccessful. Untamed cats are not used to live in a confinement. Very often they get ill and die soon. Besides, the number of urban cats is so high that it is impossible to find a home even for those who are partly tamed.
  • Ceasing feeding is not effective as well. Feral cats are territorial animals and they won't walk far away to find the food. Besides, urban cats can find the food even in a rubbish bean. However those who are not fed, tend to be more susceptible to illnesses and parasites. One should know that malnutrition will not stop the cats from reproducing. It can only cause the kittens to be weaker and have poor chances of survival to adulthood.
What will happen if we stop acting? For sure, the problem won't be solved. A cat population, living in a specific territory, will grow in numbers even if we stop feeding them. Infectious diseases will lead to natural selection. Such problems as high numbers of cats, noise, urine odour and dying cats will not disappear.
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The KOTERIA neutering clinic for feral cats in Warsaw, Chrzanowskiego 13 st., Warszawa, +48 535 870 225
Manager of KOTERIA Anna Wypych: tel. 603 651 044 | Chief vet Iwona Kłucińska-Petschl tel. + 48 502 642 932