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Adoption - is that necessary?

A great day has come. You decided to increase the size of your family by adopting a pet. The cat, the warm, soft and purring furball is going to be the lucky one. Someone mentioned to you Koteria, showed you the website: Adoptions from Koteria, and now you are sitting in front of the photo of this charming animal. You feel the pounding of your heart and with your trembling hand you reach a phone to dial the number given in the advertisement.

Think about it.

Do you really have the time, place and money for embracing the pet in a conscious and responsible manner? Are you aware that you are going to face an obligation for the next fifteen years, maybe even longer? It is a living being. First, it has feelings and emotions. Second, it may not necessarily agree with your ideas and rules. Third, it may become ill - and then you will have to sacrifice your time and money (Because cats are such vile creatures. They do not earn any money for themselves and they are parasites of our wallets)...and long, sleepless nights spent on caring of your sick animal. At some point it may even start to stink and become indolent, lose patience for fondling and giving kisses with its little nose (if it ever had).

Do you already know all of that? Everybody needs some rest. Sometimes you just want to get rid of your work, pack a suitcase and leave, even for a few days, to the other end of the world. At best, turning off your phone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn off the cat, to switch it on a standby mode. Will you be able to find a merciful man/neighbour/uncle, willing to take care of the pet when you are away? Somebody whom your cat will know and accept. Somebody who will check your cat's well being, clean a litter box and give the food?

Another question you need to ask yourself (especially if you are a single at the moment) - in case of the appearance of a child, won't you become part of mass hysteria focused on cats biting the throat of a baby? Or won't you panic when seeing the cat, because you are expecting a baby, and all of a sudden someone mentioned the word "toxoplasmosis"?

It may be also the case that you already have a family, and your kids want have a cat very badly, and you actually do not mind it. Do not forget to consult it with your significant other! She/he may also have something to say. This issue should be discussed with all members of your household. Roommates also count. You all will take care of the animal, no one will close the furball in a box and keep it there till returning home - I hope at least :)

Try not to forget that, although older cats tend to be staid, and tamed cats tend to enjoy being stroked, they are only animals: they are independent units of defence and offence that are guided by their own, not always, for us, understandable rules. This often causes misunderstandings in the line: the cat - the person.

It may happen that you lose your favourite trinkets, that curtains will be torn up and your beloved sweater will be found in the middle of a room with a chewed fist-sized hole - that is what I once experienced.

If you are prepared for dealing with such "disappointments" then you may call the number, which is specified in the adoption announcement. Perhaps you are one of the chosen who can offer the warmth of a family home to the cat.

Every cat lover should have in possession (from the cat's perspective):

  1. A litter box. It is a definitely priority number one for you. For starters we recommend the simplest version with the least innovative gravel - an ordinary bentonite that easily clumps will be an excellent choice. No one likes to wade in own ankle-deep faeces. The frequent cleaning of the litter box is the essential rule. Thus, please add to this first paragraph a gravel blade.
  2. Water is by far the most important for your cat. The cat must have an unrestricted access to always fresh and daily changed water.
  3. Bowls. The easiest to keep clean are the metal ones. In addition, they are less likely to cause contact allergies and they look very aesthetic. The disadvantage is that they make this loud buzz when the hungry cat hits them against a wall, if you know what I am talking about :) Remember to place bowls with food and water as far away as possible from the cat toilet.
  4. Food. One specific type, you do not have to provide the cat with five types of food distributed in ten bowls. You may introduce some variety of meals after your cat gets tired of its usual meal.
  5. Cat furniture. This is a more difficult choice because you must find out yourself what scratching posts are most appealing to your cat. Some of them should be scratched vertically, other horizontally - first you must, however, observe the customs of your new furry family member.
  6. Cat blanket. Polar fleece is great. And please do not think that the cat comes to the place where its blanket lies. It is you who should rather move the blanket where Your Majesty wishes to sleep.
  7. Toys. I propose to start with the cheapest ball (my cats passionately destroy them, so there is no point of investing in the more expensive ones) and a cat fishing rod. You will quickly realize that the rod toy is not only fun for your furball ;-)
  8. Transporter. If the cat gets sick, or if you just need to carry it somewhere, do it safely. Plastic transporters seem to be the best in terms of safety and comfort of a cat. They are also easy to clean up, in case of a kitty accident.
  9. Attitude. Think about everything once again. Realize that the cat is not a little man in fur. Even more, it's not a dog, ferret, or another reptile. It's the cat. And you have to devote much time in order to create and maintain a mutually satisfying relationship between two of you.

If you are already in possession of those nine basics, you just need to care for the 10th element, which is - the cat. So please, feel welcome ;-)

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