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Adoption from Koteria- how does it work?

If you are already here, then I hope you became familiar with the first part of this tutorial. Meh, I have a shy hope that you thought about it for a minute. And if so, it will be my pleasure to guide you through the vagueness of a labyrinth called the Cat adoption from Koteria.

In spite of appearances, this is not so difficult. I assume that you saw the photo of a lovely pet, with great wisdom in its eyes, described in a way which meets your expectations. You jumped to your phone, dialled the particular number, and ... your first question would supposedly be: Is the adoption of the cat still possible?

Well, if you call us on the day when the cat leaves Koteria, because you needed time to think about all the pros and cons, do not be surprised if the answer to your question will be: no. Sometimes cats are returned on the street, where they do not have any permanent care giver, thus their recapturing is impossible. So, if you like the animal, call as soon as possible.

Question no.2: Can I come to see the cat?

Of course, you can! However, the Koteria centre is primarily meant to be a place of the recovery of urban cats, in other words wild cats. Those animals are extremely stressed in a cage, their nerves are strained to the limit. They react to each new scent, sound, our movement, because they are experts in reading the non-verbal speech. Our employees are trained and accustomed to conflict-free coexistence with our "savages". The cats try not to notice us, we also interact with them only if it is really necessary. However, any stranger can easily destroy this delicate balance. We are not a zoo and pets are not attractions to be watched here. They are our priority.

The penultimate stage of adoption is meeting the chosen cat.

What shall I do then? Of course, call us. If there will be a free moment, we will talk a bit and I will ask you for your email address. If there will not be free time, because I will need to provide a drip/assist during a treatment or catch a runaway cat - I will immediately ask for your email address. It is a matter we always start with. If the e-mail includes your data such as: your name, surname, telephone number and information what cat you are interested in (preferably with a link to the post, where you found the pet) the risk that your message will be overlooked is small. In our response you will be provided with the adoption questionnaire and the template of an adoption contract.

The way you fill out the survey shows your level of commitment. In addition, your answers provide a solid basis for further conversation, especially if the requirements of the agreement and your declaration are not overlapping. If something differs from our standards, it does not mean that your application will be automatically rejected. Probably we will have to discuss it, maybe you will be able to convince us to your point of view. Remember, it is you who wants the cat. Of course we want to find new home for the animal, but not at any price.

The fact that you may be already in possession of two cats is not a contraindication for adoption of the next one, if you have the adequate conditions. However, if one of your cats is badly, infectiously sick, and you would like to adopt from us a kitten without vaccination - let's be clear, it might be unrealistic.

After the survey, we will talk, talk and talk. We will ask many questions. You need to have secured windows, it would be well received if your cats were vaccinated. Testing your own cats for FeLV and FIV is not a stupid idea, and paying for such a test for the cat that may soon become yours, should be considered as standard. Then we meet again but this time at Koteria ... for seeing the cat. This, however, is possible only after discussing all the details. Nobody coming straight "from the street" is allowed to enter the centre. If at that time I'll be already off, it is no problem - the available employee will let you in based on your "surname".

If the cat will be delighted with you as much as you are delighted with it, we can arrange its collection or bring it to your place. The cat can be driven to you by our volunteer, so please respect his/her time and fuel! If you prefer to pick up the cat yourself at the centre, please do not forget your ID card. It is also advisory to bring your own transporter. If you do not have one, do not worry - we can borrow you our transporter: it is very stylish because of the metal badge "Koteria" and a number. There is one condition, 50 PLN of deposit. And as every deposit, this one is fully refundable after bringing it back to us.

On the spot you will sign the adoption contract, the same one as the one you received in the email attachment from koteriaodkuchni@gmail.com. Our cats are spayed/neutered (with a slightly clipped tip of the ear) and dewormed. If anything had happened with the cat during its stay at the centre, you'll be informed about it. There will also be an annotation in the cat ID card. The adoption contract includes also the recommendations on how to proceed with the cat.

After returning home with your new family member, it would be nice if you could write us even just a few words: "It is OK...Wow, I have the cat!" If within 2 weeks you manage to make some nice photo of your furball on a windowsill, in bed or presenting itself as the exemplary user of a litter box - share this picture with us. I will be very thankful. And now you live together like in a fairy tale. However, if anything bad would happen, if there is a behavioural problem, you need advise or veterinary consultation: write, call. If you become the carer of our cat, you become also part of Koteria. We will help as much as we can. To sum up, for all those who got tired after reading this long text:

  1. Selection of the desired animal, memorazing its registration number.
  2. Contacting the doctor or volunteer, or if omitting this stage, go to a paragraph 3.
  3. Sending an e-mail to: koteriaodkuchni@gmail.com including your name, phone number, the link to the announcement of the cat and the cat registration number.
  4. Awaiting for our response.
  5. Returning to us the completed questionnaire
  6. The interview and pre-adoptive visit.
  7. Signing the adoption contract.
  8. Taking the cat home.

Uphhh, enough formalities. I hope to see you soon! :)

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